Develop a new on-air identity for BT Sport

Design DixonBaxi

Client BT Sport

Brief Develop a new on-air identity for BT Sport that projects the network’s no-nonsense approach.

How it was done The DixonBaxi team created a colourful, kinetic and irreverent on-screen identity that emphasises the punchy commentary and emotive banter evocative of BT Sport.

In place of traditional idents, layers of text and bold typographical statements, written by the DixonBaxi creative team, were stylised using Adobe InDesign.

These elements were then animated in After Effects with a staccato pace designed to suggest the rhythm of spoken words.

Technically simple but creatively complex, the result was a clean and structured design that maintained a premium style suitable for a major sports brand with a toolkit of imagery designed to be flexible for ongoing use.

Watch it Daily across BT Sport