Channel 4 News at Noon has launched a touch screen on set that makes the presenter responsible for playout.

The device was developed by C4 News director Martin Collett using web and flash technology that takes control of ITN's automation system.

The technology allows the presenter, Krishnan Guru-Murthy, to play material directly from the ITN broadcast server including live rendered graphics and flash sequences. He can also play in sound bites and pre-cut pictures or bring up live feeds of events.

Guru-Murthy said: "The touch screen gives me a brilliant degree of control and directness with the viewer as live events unfold. We've always enjoyed being early adopters at C4.”

A spokeswoman for C4 added: “The new technology is a way of presenting material in a new/different way. The presenter gains more control over the system, but the production needs behind the scene are pretty much the same.”