Post-production of the 1 x 60-minute documentary about tennis legend Martina Navratilova.

Post Flix  

Client BBC Sport

Brief An hour-long  BBC Sports documentary telling the story behind the defection of the tennis legend and gay rights campaigner Martina Navratilova. The remote offline edit was required to be in Oxford, with the production team based production in MediaCity. Audio and picture finishing was completed at Flix’s new MediaCity facility.

How it was done The remote edit was facilitated through Avid Media Composer Cloud and Avid Interplay, connecting the production team’s edit in MediaCity to the offline editor in Oxford. This enabled instant review in MediaCity of new edits, also allowing live streaming and background upload/download of newly ingested material.

The brief to senior colourist Liam Shanagher was to create a warm and inviting tonality suitable for the genre. The grade was achieved using DaVinci Resolve viewed on a Dolby reference monitor to combine archive going back over 50 years with newly shot interviews from around the world on a mix of cameras. 

Gemma Thorn and Robin Cowap were tasked with the audio treatment required for the blending of varying quality archive with newly acquired material to create the desired mood. They used Pro Tools 12 and mixed on an Avid S6 console with use of Isotope RX plugins. 

Watch it Monday 4 July, 10.45pm, BBC1