Helicopter Filming Services (HFS) has launched a new camera array designed for shooting aerial and ground plates for visual effects shots.

The Typhon 6 Array incorporates six Arri Alexa Mini cameras mounted in a Shotover K1 system.

It is said to be ideal for filming sequences where a particularly wide field of vision is required. Other cameras, such as the Red Helium, can also be used with the Typhoon 6. .

Jeremy Braben, the founder of HFS, said, “We were tasked by visual effects departments to create this array, as we’re seeing an increased need for capturing a larger frame in one go. There’s a distinct artistic advantage to getting some shots with these arrays, but until now, they have just been part of the VFX wish list.”

HFS, based in Uxbridge in London, specialises in aerial filming and aviation services, using helicopters, jets, drones and specialist high-speed camera tracking vehicles.

Its credits include Sense8, The Crown, The Grand Tour and Jamestown.