NAB 2015: Cinedeck will launch its insert editing system for file-to-file, frame accurate insert editing of digital deliverables.

It will also debut the modular Cinedeck ZX record, ingest and transcode platform.

Available in the forthcoming v5 software upgrade, Cinedeck File Based Insert Editing supports formats used by NLE systems including Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut and Adobe Premiere as well as Pro Tools audio workstations.

Cinedeck said the feature would eliminate “time-consuming and costly” workarounds of editing and re-rendering finished programmes that require changes.

The modular record, ingest and transcode Cinedeck ZX platform comes in three base hardware configurations to which Cinedeck-developed hardware and software options can be added to custom-build workflows for 4K, UHDTV-1, HD and SD production and post-production.

Starting at $21,995 the ZX20 provides two channels of 2K, HD or SD, with optional 4K playback.

The mid-level Cinedeck ZX40 provides more I/O and processing power to deliver four channels of 2K, HD or SD, and with additional plug-ins is equivalent to the 4K-capable Cinedeck MX.

The Cinedeck ZX45 adds greater processing power to support 4K and UHDTV-1 at 60P and eight channels of 2K, HD or SD.

Workflow case

An on-site workflow system for the capture, playback, storage and management of HD/4K/UHDTV content for live and episodic broadcast TV will also be on show in Las Vegas.

SetMeUp production case has been co-developed by Cinedeck and MAM software developer Axle Video.

Pre-packaged into a wheeled case, it consists of Cinedeck ZX, Axle Gear Pro media management system, 18TB of storage with options to add SAN/NAS storage from partners such as Facilis, Small Tree and DDP.

SetMeUp is available from $59,950 or for hire from $8,000 per month.

Cinedeck chief executive Charles D’Autremont said: “We have long-recognised that productions each have their own particular and precise needs – from camera through editorial to deliverables.

“Cinedeck products are designed to give users choices and to slot-in as required, while delivering powerful performance and time-saving features. Our standalone recorders – the 2-channel RX3G, 4-channel MX and modular ZX – with their ever-expanding range of codec/file formats and I/O connectivity, plus simple interface, add up to highly-affordable options for content creators wanting the versatility to work how they want.”