NAB 2016: Cooke Optics has revealed preliminary details about its second front Anamorphic/i zoom lens, which it hopes to showcase at next year’s NAB.

The 45-405mm T4.5-22 will be capable of a 9x zoom and feature a 5-feet 10-inch MOD (Minimum Object Distance) from image plane and 3-feet 11-inch close focus from the front of the lens.The first Anamorphic/i zoom, the Cooke 35-140mm, is on display at the show this year.

The front anamorphic lens has oval bokeh throughout zoom and focus and is based on a patented optical design that allows shooting from very wide angle to telephoto with a 4x zoom ratio and 2x anamorphic squeeze.

With T3.1-22 aperture, and 90-degree rotation of iris scale, its colour and depth of field characteristics are matched to existing Anamorphic/i primes. 

At the same time Cooke is showing the 300mm Anamorphic/i prime lens. This is the last of the original 10-strong prime Anamorphic/i lens set that was announced two years ago.

Cooke 5/i, S4/i and miniS4/i lens are also on display.