A title sequence that visually parallels the controversial show title in a 3D manner.

Graphics: Bedroom London

Client: Silver River

How it was done: High resolution photographs were broken down into layers by isolating specific sections and essentially pulling them from the scene and patching the removed areas of the background.

This allowed the layered images to be composited into After Effects, and by placing the sections on a depth axis it created a "3D photographic effect".

Cinema 4D was then used to create the 3D text. The images were placed as guide backgrounds which allowed the perspectives of the text and photograph to line up.

The 3D camera pans and track movements were created in Cinema 4D and rendered out using the C4D to After Effects module which then allows the camera data to be interpreted to an After Effects camera layer.

All elements were then composited in After Effects, shadows and lighting effects were added. Trapcodes Particular was used to generate clouds of floating pollen and swarms of gnats whizzing pass the camera.

The director was Ed Saxby, who also worked as the senior animator and compositor. The other animators were Karl Hammond and Amy Engles.

Watch it: Until April on BBC2