Titles created for the new comedy sketch show featuring Mathew Horne and James Corden.

Post house: LipSync Post

Client: Tiger Aspect for BBC3

How it was done: The creative team of Howard Watkins and Julia Hall proposed ideas around a theme of Shoreditch attitudes and rock star bad behaviour.

The chosen idea showed Matt Horne and James Corden smashing televisions in reverse, although once it was shot the Tiger Aspect production team preferred the sequence going forwards.

The filming took place on a ‘rock & roll' white set where LipSync creative director Howard Watkins directed and Special Effects man Graham Brown oversaw the pyrotechnics. .

Health & safety regulations meant that the televisions had to be deactivated, with all glass, chemicals and mechanics removed, and replaced with sugar glass and electronics for the explosions. Horne and Corden would smash or drop a TV and Graham would use a trigger system to set off the explosion.

The titles were shot at 2k on RED cameras at 120fps. The footage was brought in as Quicktime movies, and edited together in After Effects by Julia Hall.

There was a large element of time-remapping to create slo-mo, speed ups and freeze-frames. In addition Lipsync's VFX dept added screen comps for the televisions, including white noise and the show's title logo.

Hall finally comped the elements together and also recreated a spray paint effect when the comedians ‘sprayed' the camera.

Watch it: From 10 March on BBC3