A promo, shot by Andy Boulter and posted by blue, for a new vampire drama on Living.

Post House
Blue (Prime Focus Group)

Living, Virgin Media Television

To create a talent led promo for Living's new US series Moonlight, an edgy new vampire drama about a private investigator with a very dark secret.

How it was done
The promo was shot on location in the London Docklands with Moonlight's male lead Alex O'Loughlin. In order to match the high gloss, filmic look of Living's latest US acquisition, DoP Andy Boulter shot on 35mm film. The rushes were then graded by George Kyriacou to blend seamlessly with the show footage.

All of the special effects were executed in post by the in-house graphics team and all editing was also done in-house on Quantel. The resulting piece captures the mood of this exciting new series and reveals its unexpected twist.

The team
Directors: Kirsty Dawkins and Alun Constable, Producer: Jodi Donovan, DOP: Andy Boulter, Graphics: Calum MacDiarmid, Editor: Paul Callaghan, Colourist: George Kyriacou.

Watch it
Tuesdays at 10pm, Living, starting February 19.