Post production work, completed by The Farm, on the fifth series of the talent search show.

Post House: The Farm Group

Client: Talkback Thames Television

How it was done: The series begins with pre-recorded auditions and bootcamp programmes and is followed by live shows until Christmas.

Series editor Dan Evans onlined the show using Avid DS Symphony Nitris.

Evans created a fast-paced finish using GenArts, Boris Plug-ins and Tinder, capturing the excitement of the auditions and bringing it to the screen.

Because of the huge variations in noise level during the audition shows dubbing mixer Dan Chapman treated every sound individually with a view to allowing viewers to hear a every element. Chapman used Pro Tools HD 7.2 for the mix.

The Farm group has post produced all five series of The X Factor, which began in 2004.

Watch it: Saturday 16 August ITV1