A new brand identity for Home, formerly UKTV Style, created by Red Bee Media as part of the broadcasters ongoing network re-brand.

Agency: Red Bee Media

Client: UKTV Lifestyle

How it was done: The four idents - Family, Urban Couple, Flatshare and Empty-nesters - focus on items in the home and their stories. As the viewer is taken on a tour of each home, the objects appear and hand-written annotations reveal the “home truths” of the object's past and its relationship with the homeowner.

They were shot on 35mm film by DoP Bob Pendar-Hughes and graded in Spirit by Duncan Russell at Prime Focus. Steadicam shots provided a fluid, intimate feel while natural light elements were enhanced in the grade to add richness and warmth whilst maintaining a real-world tone and feel.

In each ident, a selection of writing styles is used to represent the personality and eclectic nature of each home and the people that live in it. A couple of these styles use "handwriting" fonts, but for the majority we used real handwriting, written onto A3 sheets that were scanned into Photoshop. Once digitised, any imperfections were tidied up and alpha mattes were created to enable importing into After Effects.

Home Truths type animations were created in After Effects then placed into each scene using Flame. To attach each Home Truth to its respective object, each entire scene was motion-tracked using Bijou, providing us with hundreds of tracking markers on which to attach the type. The result gives the impression that the words are actually floating in 3D space within the room. To enhance this effect, glows and light passes were added to root each Home Truth into the shot.

Watch it: From 30 April 2009 on UKTV

Selected credits
Creative Director - Kevin Hill
Group Creative - Ruth Shabi
Director/Designer - Nick Meikle
Designer - Rich Sutton
Editor - Max & Splice
Flame - James Mac & Pete Young
Music - McAsso