Provide VFX and titles on Cucumber and Banana.


VFX/Titles Shadowjack/Nanook Studio

Client Red Production Company

Brief Provide VFX and titles on Cucumber and Banana.

How it was done For Cucumber, Shadowjack added exterior views to scenes in lead character Henry’s bedroom.

A green screen was rigged outside the set window while a digital matte painting with many layers of depth served as the background for a variety of camera angles.

Shadowjack’s Ifor Ashton and Erik Ellefsen led the VFX work, using Nuke for compositing and Maya for 3D work.

VFX were supplied as 2K DPX files with mattes to enable further tweaking of keyed-in environments in the grade.

The title sequences were designed by Sarah Rees at Nanook Studio. Both sequences were shot with high-speed cameras. After Effects was used for retiming, artistic adjustments and understated yet effective typography.

Watch it Cucumber airs on Thursdays at 9pm on Channel 4; Banana is on Thursdays at 10pm, E4; Tofu is on Thursdays at 10.30pm, 4oD