Deliver more than 200 VFX shots in 3D and 4K

Post Onsight

Client Atlantic Productions

Brief Deliver more than 200 VFX shots in 3D and 4K.

How it was done The 3D shots depict photo-realistic images of extinct animals, which are composited into live-action backplates and come face-to-face with David Attenborough while he roams the museum at night.

As the schedule was so tight, lead VFX supervisor James Prosser managed fi ve different CGI vendors - Zoo, Fido, Milk, Jellyfi sh and CVFX - each of which worked on a different creature.

Plates were reviewed in 3D on set, assembled and fast-tracked to vendors.

All VFX shots were reviewed in stereo at 4K, with final composites scrutinised and onlined at Onsight.

The programme was shot with Red Epic Atom rigs. DoP Tim Cragg worked with director Dan Smith and stereographer Chris Parks.

Watch it New Year’s Day, Sky 3D and Sky 1