Deluxe 142 has overhauled its audio department, with improvements to its two main suites and the addition of a seventh room.

The upgrades come as the facility seeks to broaden the scope of its TV post-production work.

“We are known for our drama post but we are keen to develop the non-drama side.

“We have always worked in light entertainment and factual, and wanted to make sure we have the capacity to take on more work in those areas,” said Deluxe 142 director of operations Johnny Whitehead.

As part of its shift to file-based workflows, the facility’s Studio 1 - its main, Dolby-accredited audio post-production mixing stage - and Studio 2 have been upgraded to Dolby CP750 processors units and Dolby MME (multi media encoder) units.

Deluxe 142 also expects Studio 2 to be Dolby certified for trailers within the next month.

The Wardour Street facility’s Studio 6, which was a mastering room, has been reworked into a suite for pre-mixing.

A seventh audio suite has been built in an area that was previously used as a transfer bay.

“Over time, through the integration of kit and a reduction in the size of some hardware, we have reduced the amount of rack space we need. It makes sense to look at the way we use our floor space; the more we can squeeze in, the better,” said Whitehead.

Deluxe’s audio rooms are now all equipped with Avid Pro Tools 10, which Whitehead said improved operability between the studios.

“Through Studios 6 and 7 we have brought the audio team closer together, with everyone now gathered in the same space,” he added.