A web-based platform for managing and distributing video has been developed by an online editor who was frustrated with the tools available for sending content.

Rob Tucker was providing post services for the International Cricket Council (ICC), delivering content to rightsholders globally, when the idea for Quixel was born.

The company has already signed a deal with Bafta and has worked with the BBC on its Formula 1 coverage, delivering content from race locations to the UK.

The platform, which allows content owners to review, approve and deliver footage via a web browser, has been in development for 18 months.

It is in beta, with a full launch scheduled for October.

“Uploading source fi les is always an issue,” said Tucker.

“Even at its highest bit rate, Quixel is 10 times faster than other systems and has more QC functionality.”

Quixel has a patent pending for the algorithm it uses for the simultaneous upload and encoding of content, which Tucker said reduces files to 10% or less of their original size and starts to send them as soon as encoding begins.

The platform transcodes content to multiple formats and includes QC tools, such as a safe GFX area overlay and audio meters.

“We have four HD, four 720p and four SD formats that are our own versions of H.264,” said Tucker.

“We’ve completed ProRes deliveries to Netflix and OP1a MXF for the International Olympic Committee to other broadcasters.”

In terms of working with the BBC on F1, he added: “Quixel allowed [the BBC] to make editorial decisions based on the quality of their content rather than simply what was available.”