Create the graphics package and branding for the quiz show

GFX Jump Design

Client Remarkable (Endemol)

Brief Create the graphics package and branding for the fast-paced, Andi Peters-fronted quiz show.

How it was done Jump created a fast-paced, splitscreen edit based on the perspective lines of the set, which allowed contestants to be edited into VTs used during the show.

The logo, which incorporates the ejector seat that sits at the heart of the programme, was designed to have a cosy and bouncy feel.

The shiny blue and gold textures and strong perspective of the words used in the logo are intended to give it dynamic and fun qualities.

Bespoke on-screen graphics were also created for the show’s ‘Danger Zone’, the ‘Panic Button’ questions and the ‘Seat Speed’.

Art direction was by Nicky Thompson, while 3D animation and compositing was by Duncan Tune.

Watch it Weekdays, 4pm, ITV