Ericsson has launched a data analysis toolkit to help broadcasters and video on demand platforms aggregate and analyse data about viewing habits.

Ericsson said that by scrutinising information from users, video platforms and networks content owners would be able to find new ways to increase average revenue per user and make sure video is consumed in the best possible conditions.

“In this rapidly changing video market consumers have a lot of choices, and understanding what they want in order to make them favour one proposition over another has become increasingly important,” said Ericsson senior vice president and head of Global TV & Media Practice Guy Beverlin (pictured).

“Ericsson’s Integrated Video Insights (IVI) is about speaking to that need with operators and content providers. Increasing relevance is one of the key value propositions as consumers transition from having content pushed to them to now pulling what they want; establishing what customers want is a key value proposition associated with IVI.”

IVI has been in development for approximately five months and is built on “relatively generic” software and hardware, including open-source software Hadoop.

“The secret sauce is our algorithms and how we apply them to the data model,” said Beverlin.

“[IVI] has connections into various components of delivery architecture where it gathers data, which it massages and applies calculations and algorithms to before presenting to a business support system (BSS) or customer relationship management system.

“It also has a control mechanism so can implement actions of its own if programed to do so,” added Beverlin.