The head of Ericsson’s broadcast division has underlined the company’s aims to push further into the sector.

Speaking on the first anniversary of Ericsson’s acquisition of Technicolor’s playout business, the company’s head of broadcasting services Thorsten Sauer described its aims as “global”.

“An increasing amount of media will be delivered through the cloud. Although satellite is important, broadband and IP is of growing signifi cance and that is where our strengths lie,” he said.

“Our ambition is to be the number one partner in the transformation of the media and TV industry.”

Ericsson has built its presence in the broadcast sector through a series of acquisitions - the most recent of which was a deal for Microsoft’s IPTV video distribution platform Mediaroom - but Sauer declined to say if further growth in the UK playout sector would come through other acquisitions.

Ericsson plays out 2,300 hours of content per day from Chiswick Park for clients that include ITV.