ES Broadcast’s hire division will take delivery of Canon’s new UHD Digisuper 27 (UJ27x6.5B IESD) 4K studio and field broadcast lens next month.

An initial delivery of four lenses is due to arrive in early April, adding to the company’s existing fleet of more than 300 broadcast lenses.

The UHD Digisuper 27 is a 27x telephoto broadcast zoom lens with a 6.5-360mm focal range using the built-in 2x extender.

Warren Taggart, managing director of ES Broadcast’s hire division, said, “Studios and outside broadcast companies have been requesting a smaller UHD box lens for some time now.”

The company will also be getting hold of its first Canon UHD Digisuper 86 (UJ86x9.3B) lenses.