NAB 2011: EVS will introduce the third generation of its XT servers for live and near-live productions.

The XT3 production server (pictured) offers eight flexible channels, SD and HD and six channels of 3D and 1080p capabilities.

It also includes an increase of bitrates per video channel, the introduction of a lower scale chassis version and the recording of up to two triple-speed SuperMotion feeds per server.  

EVS general product manager Bernard Stas said: “The XT platform was initially designed to guarantee operators a unique level of control over multiple live feed for live editing and slow-motion actions.”

Available from July, the new server is available in two versions: a 6RU chassis supporting up to eight HD/SD channels (including 6in/2out) or six channels in 3D/1080p mode, or a 4RU chassis supporting up to seven HD/SD channels or four channels in 3D/1080p mode.

The XT3 accepts control protocols such as VDCP, Odetics, Sony BVW75 and Grass Valley XtenDD-35.