Create titles and GFX for the Stephen Fry show.

Titles and GFX Shop

Client Objective Productions

Brief Create titles and GFX for the Stephen Fry show.

How it was done

Shop creative directors Neil Harris and Tom Hodgkinson worked closely with Objective executive producer Nick Parnes to create the title sequence and content graphics for this hidden-camera show exposing the truth behind headline stories about the British public.

The show’s branding had to balance several key elements, such as the nature of Britishness and the salaciousness of tabloid headlines, with a quirky sense of humour. To do this, CGI artist Garreth Hughes created and animated an old-style signpost in Cinema4D with directions to destinations such as ‘Racism’ and ‘Homophobia’.

The final sequence was composited in After Effects by Stephen Gull and edited in Final Cut Pro by Neil Harris.

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