Farmers Wife, the scheduling and facility management software provider, has appointed Simon Hadfield as the managing director of a new Los Angeles office.

The expansion will service demand for Farmers Wife version 4.9 and its real-time iPhone application.

“We have seen significant growth in our customer base and increased interest for our products and solutions in the United States over the last six months,” said Hadfield.

“The new iPhone app gives Farmers Wife users the freedom to work anywhere, anytime. It increases our clients’ productivity by allowing them to time-report on the move speeding up workflow and providing real-time scheduling, budgeting, and financial tracking.

“Expanding our local resources in Los Angeles will allow us to deliver superior sales and technical support to our growing client base in the region.”

Farmers Wife manages projects, create schedules and track resources for broadcasters and facilities. It also provides budgeting, invoicing and reporting capabilities.

The iPhone app (pictured) allows users to check their schedules, time-report and create bookings, access contacts and assign tasks for themselves and other Farmers Wife users.