The first Sony F65s will be delivered to UK dealers CVP and Top Teks this week.

Sony said that around 400 of the 8K cameras have been pre-ordered globally. There will be an initial batch of 11 in Europe, with the UK dealers to receive three cameras each.

Sony’s UK media channel manager at Sony Professional Solutions Europe Dave Cheesman said the orders were evidence of the industry’s “significant appetite for 4K technology”.

The F65 has an 8K CMOS image sensor with approximately 20 total megapixels and 16-bit linear RAW file output capability.

CVP group chief executive Phil Baxter described the F65 as “the most exciting camera to emerge from Sony over the last ten years”, while Top-Teks sales director Mike Thomas said the camera signalled “a new era in digital cinematography”.

Movietech Camera Rentals has agreed to take two of Top Teks’ cameras.