Forbidden Technologies is targeting UK news providers for the next stage of the rollout of its cloud-based editing software FORscene.

Chief executive Stephen Streater said the Wimbledon-based firm has completed pilots with UK news organisations over the past year and is now in talks with major broadcasters about extending the service.

It will offer a platform for remote news collection, upload and local and centralised editing, with the ability to include library footage.

“FORscene supports MOS Protocol, which is the standard protocol for news systems, in particular ENPS,” Streater added.

“It means that news organisations can slot FORscene into a news room and it will be able to talk to other parts of the system.”

Streater said that incorporating the cloud into a workflow demands “a complete change in psychology” among users.

“Journalists and producers can see programmes as they are being made and contribute to them as they are being worked on.”

Forbidden said 11 UK post facilities are using its FORscene software log, review and perform rough cuts of footage over the web.

“Last year, our income from the UK broadcast post sector doubled, and [FORscene] seems to have reached a point of acceptance,” said Streater.

“It used to be Soho facilities that used the software, but it is now all over the UK. And where it used to be for logging and review, it is now also used for rough cuts.”