The Foundry has release Katana, its new look development and lighting tool.

The software, which was unveiled earlier this year at NAB, has been designed to replace conventional CG pipelines with what the Foundry described as “a flexible recipe-based asset workflow”.

It lets users update assets once shots are already in progress and the sharing of lighting set-ups, such as edits and overrides, between shots and sequences.

Lucasfilm company Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) has purchased a site license of Katana and will deploy the software in its San Francisco and Singapore studios.

Visual effects supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic John Knoll said: “We worked closely with The Foundry over the past year on specific features and functionality we wanted to see in Katan and after implementing it in production, we believe the package shows great promise and we look forward to our continuing relationship with The Foundry as we integrate technologies such as Katan into our production pipeline.”