Framestore chief executive William Sargent has hit out at the BBC’s cautious approach to 3D, describing the broadcaster’s stance as “disappointing”.

Earlier this month the BBC set a deadline of mid-2012 for its cautious approach to stereoscopic 3D, by which time it expects to either fully adopt S3D or for the technology to have failed.

The broadcaster said that in the mean time it would not invest in S3D programme making and would only investigate the technology via “limited trials and commercially available equipment”.

Sargent, the chief executive of the VFX and computer animation firm, said: “I always associate the BBC with innovation and [think of it as] an organisation that provides leadership. To have a publicly funded body take this approach is frustrating.

“I’m disappointed to see the BBC step back from a very important development in entertainment and general programming.

“In the film industry you only have to look at worldwide creative awards like the Oscars and Visual Effects Society to see Britain has an above average share of recognition,” he added.

“This is important to the British economy at a time of pressure, as at present, and where the sector is amongst the fastest growing in GDP and employment numbers.”