Reduced size of Spidercam’s suspended camera system makes it easier to use in venues like TV studios or indoor sports arenas

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Spidercam has partnered with hire firm Gearhouse Broadcast to bring its new SC-Light solution to IBC next month.

The suspended camera system is designed to work in smaller venues like TV studios or indoor sports arenas.

A fully stabilised Newton remote-head enables SC-Light to produce stable pictures from stationary or moving positions.

Its reduced size and weight also makes the system easier to transport and setup, and safer to operate over athletes, audience or performers within a flying area.

Eamonn Dowdall, chief revenue officer at Gravity Media, the owner of Gearhouse Broadcast, said: “There’s a lot of excitement about the new SC-Light system and the benefits it can bring to productions within studios or indoor venues, so this will be a good chance for people to come and learn more about it.”