GoPro has released new versions of its 2D and 3D production software.

The US-based manufacturer of wearable sports cameras said that its CineForm Studio Premium software, which costs $299 (£193), combines features of CineForm’s Neo HD and Neo 3D into a single system for 2D and 3D broadcast and feature film production.

GoPro acquired video compression firm CineForm in March last year.

GoPro CineForm Studio Professional costs $999 (£647). 

Both software packages offer “new and improved user interface, non-destructive colour correction, non-destructive reframing and image manipulation, non-destructive 3D correction, and support for a range of single body consumer and professional 2D and 3D cameras.”

GoPro CineForm Studio Professional also has “independent eye control for professional 3D camera rigs”.

“This announcement represents a significant milestone in GoPro’s efforts to provide a complete camera-to-software solution for 2D and 3D productions for its entire customer base,” said GoPro senior director of software engineering David Newman. 

GoPro CineForm Studio, which is available as a free download for Mac and Windows, lets users adjust aspect ratios and correct distortion that can occur when images are resized.

For time lapse sequences it also lets users to add keyframes anywhere in the video and add effects such as pan and zoom. 

The software also includes support and .mp4 video formats.

“The updated GoPro CineForm Studio software line has huge implications, not only for consumers and enthusiasts, but for professional cinematographers and filmmakers who are increasingly embracing new camera technologies to help them tell their stories in ever more exciting and unique ways,” added Newman.