NAB 2015: Grass Valley has launched a 4K camera and replay system for “extreme speed” action replays and highlights.

Grass Valley said the camera and server pairing would enable any camera or replay position to be set up for regular HD, 4K or slow motion coverage and replays.

Grass Valley senior vice president of strategic marketing Mike Cronk said: “What once was considered technology only for ‘specialty’ positions can now be applied to standard replay and camera chains.

“With the combination of LDX Universe and K2 Dyno Universe, HD camera and replay positions can now become extreme-speed or even 4K positions with access to any shot, from any angle during any production.”

The LDX 86 Universe camera, which was described by Cronk as the “flagship” of the LDX range, shoots 4K footage and can capture 6x speed footage in HD. It is equipped with Grass Valley’s Xensium-FT CMOS imager.

The solid state K2 Dyno Universe supports HD up to 6X and 4K operation, and comes in two sizes: 4RU and 6RU.

Broadcast business

The broadcast sector generates the most revenue for Grass Valley’s parent firm Belden.

It generated $992m revenue last year, compared to $673m from products for ‘industrial connectivity’.

Grass Valley is responsible for half of Belden group’s broadcast revenue.