NAB 2014: Harmonic has launched a new software platform for virtualised media processing.

Harmonic VOS covers “historically discreet” functions from ingest to playout, graphics, branding, compression, packaging, and delivery for broadcast and multiscreen applications.

It includes Harmonic’s Pure Compression Engine for SD, HD, and Ultra HD formats, MPEG-2, MPEG-4/AVC, and HEVC compression over CBR, VBR, and ABR streams.

“Harmonic VOS represents the future of video production and delivery, enabling the transformation to a software-defined, integrated, and operationally elastic infrastructure,” said Harmonic chief executive Patrick Harshman.

“Video content providers and service providers want greater flexibility, speed, and the ability to leverage the cost-effective scale of IT environments.

“With VOS, our customers will be able to create and distribute new video content globally in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the resources that it takes today, with better video quality, while leveraging public and private clouds.”

Harmonic also announced Electra XVM, the first product to be based on VOS.

Electra XVM is an integrated package of VOS functionality, including the Pure Compression Engine, playout, advanced graphics, packaging, and delivery, and operates in data centre environments on OpenStack or VMware vSphere.

“It is completely virtual and completely IP, and offers unprecedented functional breadth and video quality,” said Harmonic senior vice president of video products Krish Padmanabhan.

“It changes the economics and flexibility paradigms of content playout, distribution, and multiplatform service delivery.”

Electra XVM is available now in a variety of purchase and usage licensing models.