Sports producer Hayfisher is to make its wireless outside broadcast vehicle available to other indies for the first time.

After a demo at Silverstone race track on Tuesday (31 March), the Droitwich-based production company will hire out the cable-free and tapeless production van, which it uses for motorsport coverage, for pop concerts, reality TV shows and corporate events.

Managing director Richard Hay said: “[The van] wasn't initially built for broadcast work: it was designed for live on-site coverage at stadiums and festivals. But it has become obvious that there are many more applications. The flexibility of using wireless cameras means you can turn up just an hour and a half before an event starts, position the camera people, raise the mast on the truck and away you go.”

Hay also highlighted the potential cost benefits. “We're not looking to compete with the big OB suppliers. Although it seems to be the wrong time to launch anything, it should be a cost-effective and stable broadcast-quality alternative.”

The converted Mercedes Vario has a seven-channel wireless system and clip-on transmitters from Gigawave, Panasonic AJ-HPX2100 P2 cameras, radio talkback and a 12-metre hydraulic mast.

It also has a Broadcast Pix Slate 2100 vision mixer, a Yamaha O1V96 sound mixer and an Evertz 32 x 32 router. Pictures can be recorded to tape or memory cards.

The demo was attended by invited corporate, reality TV and music production companies.