Getting up to speed with the latest kit can be overwhelming, says Caroline Bingham

When I returned from maternity leave in 2011 I felt daunted by the prospect of how the industry had moved on and how out of depth with camera technology I might feel.

Fortunately, because I was surrounded by kit at Pro Motion Hire there was the opportunity to get up to speed quickly.

For production staff returning to work after a period of absence from the industry this isn’t always the case, so Pro Motion Hire and Media Parents saw an opportunity to help.

On Thursday 31 January, we will host a unique event looking at how technology has changed over the past 12 months.

It will include up-to-date information on accepted broadcaster formats, new advances in technology and data management.

Popular formats will also be demonstrated and attendees will have the opportunity to get hands-on with the kit and talk to our technicians. 

People can expect to see a range of cameras on show, including the Canon XF305, C300, 5DMKII and MKIII.

Sony’s PMW-200, PMW-500, PDW-F800 and NEX-FS700 will also be on display. 

This line-up will give a great overview of the cameras currently being used on a range of different productions. 

Workflows for these formats will also be discussed, with demonstrations on how to ingest media to a laptop and backup to a hard drive. 

The event will also offer networking opportunities with the other delegates in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, and through Media Parents, we have invited several heads of production and talent managers to the event.

The event is open to anyone in production wanting an equipment refresher but is primarily aimed at those returning from maternity or paternity leave.

We are also welcoming children (of pre-walking age!) if attendees don’t have childcare.

For further information contact or to book a place contact Amy Walker at

Caroline Bingham is development executive at Pro Motion Hire