This marine biology show for four to seven year-olds is the result of a partnership between ImaginOcean creator John Tartaglia, The Jim Henson Company and US theme park operator Herschend Enterprises.

Distributor The Jim Henson Company
Producer The Jim Henson Company with Herschend Enterprises
Length 80 x 11 minutes
Broadcaster PBS (US)

Created in conjunction with top marine biologists, digital media specialists and pre-school educators, each episode of Splash And Bubbles, which has been commissioned by PBS, will introduce viewers to a strange new marine species or ocean phenomenon.

The underwater cartoon uses CG animation technology from Henson Digital Puppetry Studio and follows the adventures of title characters Splash, a yellow fusilier fish, and his friend Bubbles, a mandarin dragonet.

The duo explore the world’s oceans, meeting wildly diverse marine animals and discovering otherworldly undersea habitats with their friends Dunk, a pufferfish, and Ripple, a sea dragon.

According to Tartaglia, most children have a “very limited” understanding of our oceans and the kind of life that exists beneath them.

“Splash And Bubbles will engage and educate young viewers by presenting the novelty of the ‘strange-but-true’ world of the ocean with humour and music,” says Tartaglia.

Series executive producer and Jim Henson chief executive Lisa Henson says the marine-themed series tackles universal environmental issues, “giving children the confidence to feel like they can make a difference”.

Interactive properties in development to complement the show include games, hands-on activities and parental resources, which will debut when the show launches in the autumn.