IBC 2016: Vizrt’s Viz Story for the creation and distribution of real-time, 3D graphics was one of the recipients of the IABM’s Design & Innovation Awards, which were announced at IBC.

The judging of the ten categories was carried out by a panel of 40 independent professionals and chaired by IABM director of technology and strategic insight by John Ive.

He said: “Periods of major change and disruption in the industry stimulate some of the most exciting and innovative developments, with new generation solutions for a wider range of broadcast and media activities.

“All the applications embodied this trend which made selecting one winner a challenge for our judges. The standard was so high that the judges frequently praised the nominations that didn’t even make the shortlist.

“It was a close contest and our judges finally selected 10 excellent winners.”

The winners

Acquisition & Production

  • Shotover Camera Systems - Shotover U1

The judges said: “This product ticks all the boxes that make it a truly remarkable product specifically designed for broadcast and film applications. Its ability to use standard film and broadcast cameras and lenses allows it to fit perfectly within any production environment.”

Post Production

  • Vizrt – Viz Story

The judges said: “The need to feed social media platforms is becoming essential for viewer engagement. This solution removes the technical difficulties of versioning web video content from the hands of producers, allowing them to concentrate on the story. A great solution allowing fast editing to encompass the world of social media.”

Content & Communication Infrastructure

  • Imagen – Imagen Global Distribution Network

The judges said: “Many distribution systems exist, but not as versatile. Clearly an innovation and corresponding exactly to the actual trend and demands of the media industry.”


  • Cedar Audio - DNS 2 Dialogue noise suppressor

The judges said: “The perfect companion for any remote audio kit. This processor will not only be in high demand, but probably become the de-facto standard for field audio pre-processing.”


  • Sony Professional – Sony Media Backbone Hive

The judges said: “Transforming the traditional hardware and software stack into a more flexible node architecture will give users greater flexibility and therefore access to functionality that might not otherwise have been available to them.”

System Automation & Control

  • Hexaglobe – Advanced Replay v2

The judges said: “Innovative – addresses a real market problem and challenge with a straightforward interface. A well needed product as social media drives viewers.”

Playout & Delivery

  • Elemental Technologies – Live Channel Playout Solution

The judges said: “Delivers the full flexibility and needs of the broadcaster looking to complement live HD with UHD. This product greatly simplifies the process of converting a channel to 4K which creates major new opportunities for broadcasters.”

Test, Quality Control & Monitoring

  • Bridge Technologies – VB440-V virtual probe

The judges said: “This product allows visibility into sophisticated network infrastructure, thereby solving one of the biggest issues for those trying to diagnose and fix in a timely fashion, complex network issues.”


  • Harmonic - VOS 360 professional cloud media processing service

The judges said: “A launch that offers cloud-native processing and OTT services and is perfect for all future system roll outs. This service solves the real issue of media processing scalability; operators can launch OTT services in a matter of hours.”

Project, event or alternative product/service

  • Aspera

BASE Media Cloud supports high-volume global media workflows with hybrid media storage and distribution platform from Aspera.

The judges said: “High volume of data traffic with accuracy has been a change that several companies are looking to accomplish. This is a significant real life implementation of cloud based storage and workflows, which has been successfully used in an aggressive production environment.”