Sony Pictures Imageworks (SPI) and The Foundry will work together to develop the next generation of compositing software after the Soho company acquired SPI’s 2D and 3D lighting package Katana.

The collaboration will see The Foundry pick up the technology behind Katana, allowing the UK developer to integrate it into future developments of Nuke.

At the same time Imageworks will add The Foundry’s compositing software Nuke to its existing visual effects and animation workflows.

The two companies will then work together to ensure the successful use and integration of each other’s technology, and exchange updates and “new discoveries”.

Bill Collis, chief executive of The Foundry, said: “There are some exciting ideas we can explore over the coming years to deliver the next generation of compositing software. Sony is obviously a highly respected player in the industry and the fact that they are implementing our software, and collaborating on future products, is a huge compliment.”

Rob Bredow, chief technology officer of Sony Pictures Imageworks acknowledged that his company is now taking a far more open approach to its technology.

“Sharing software with a progressive company like The Foundry is an important step for both of our companies,” he said.

What is Katana?

  • Katana is a tool developed at Imageworks to aid artists in look development, lighting, rendering and compositing of digital imagery.
  • Rather than defining a rigid pipeline for these tasks, it provides a framework for building custom tools tailored to the unique needs of each show.

Picture: Sky Sports Super Sunday titles created using Nuke. Images courtesy of The Mill.