‘We wanted something that had all the sunshine and aspiration of a great dating show, but wasn’t about dating’

Distributor ITV Studios
Producer Twofour
Length 15 x 60 minutes
Broadcasters ITVX & ITV2 (UK)

Twofour set itself the task of creating a new reality show that could stand out among the glut of dating shows that have taken off around the world, says chief executive Tim Carter.

“We wanted something that had all the sunshine and aspiration of a great dating show, but wasn’t about dating,” he explains

Loaded In Paradise aims to harness Millennial and Gen Z fixation with social media and sharing images of themselves “living their best life”. This curated, aspirational lifestyle, combined with what Carter identifies as a post-pandemic appetite to play “real world games” and have immersive experiences akin to Secret Cinema, helped to inspire the ITV Studios-distributed format.

Described by Carter as a “supersized game of tag”, Loaded In Paradise spans three weeks of adrenaline-fuelled island hopping in the Aegean. Five pairs of contestants race to take control of a golden credit card loaded with cash.

At the outset, one duo are given the card and credited with £10,000, while the other pairs have to live off much less. The lucky duo with the money can live it up luxuriously, but each time they spend money, the other pairs are alerted to their location.

If found, they must relinquish the card, which is topped up every day. The winners are the pair still holding the card at the end of the 10 days, who get to take home £25,000.

“It’s got that ITV layer of gloss you’d expect from a studio that makes Love Island,” says Carter. “The players can go out and eat in incredible restaurants or hire a luxury yacht – the world is their oyster.”

Like Love Island, Loaded In Paradise is narrated by a comedian, with casting skewing towards 18 to 25 year-olds.

While similarly themed series Hunted or Race Across The World lean into authenticity, Carter says Loaded In Paradise is “not embarrassed about it being a game. It’s an entertainment reality show – and proudly so.”

ITVS sales director for global entertainment Charlotte van Weede says the idea is “universal and has the potential to attract a really broad audience”, making it an attractive proposition to broadcasters and streamers alike.