Ionoco has introduced a new low-cost production set-up that allows producers to make niche programming using web cameras and convert the output to broadcast quality.

Web2TV is described as an “outside broadcast truck in a box.”

Using proprietary technology from Ionoco, a user can take a feed from a network camera or live contributions via the internet and then cut pictures, add effects and graphics and pump out a finished TV channel or content feed that can be transmitted as a broadcast stream.

It is also possible to provide near high definition quality pictures by using a T1 line, a fibre optic telephone connection that can carry roughly 60 times more data than a normal residential modem.

According to chief executive Simon Ingram the end-to-end technology is designed for live events such as book signings, news debate or small music concerts or “anything niche where the cost of doing a full broadcast is prohibitive or inaccessible locations where traditional broadcast transmission is difficult.”

Web2TV costs roughly£1000 per day to hire plus the cost of the cameras, graphics and configuration charges.

Canis Media's Awareness TV channel (pictured) is the first to use Web2TV to stream live content from a studio to a Sky channel.

Ionoco specialises in graphics and control systems for the broadcast, lottery and gaming markets worldwide.