West London-based subtitling and content management facility ITFC is being primed for a global expansion after being added to Deluxe’s Entertainment Services Group.

Managing director Chris Higgs, who will continue in the role following last week’s takeover, told Broadcast he expects Deluxe to introduce its worldwide media clients to ITFC.

That could see the company grow far beyond its current client bases in London, Ireland and Australia.

He said: “As a growing global player, Deluxe will bring significant benefits to ITFC. I am looking forward to working with the company to further expand our services to customers.”

A total of 150 jobs were saved when Grant Thornton completed a pre-pack administration deal with Deluxe (Broadcast 03.09.10).

The ITFC brand will remain “initially” and Higgs said he expected business to continue as normal.

He was not willing to comment on speculation that the ITFC deal was the first of many for Deluxe.

Broadcast revealed last week that the company was talking to Ascent Media UK about a possible takeover.