Former Molinare commercial manager Andrew Boswell has joined LipSync as commercial director.

He has been tasked with finding projects for equity investment and post-production.

LipSync managing director Peter Hampden said Boswell would be a valuable addition to the company as it moves to the next phase of development in its production and post-production services, including co-production deals in television and film.

“He brings a great deal of added value to projects with his years of experience and knowledge of all phases of film and television production, including script development, financing, pre-production through to post, and final elements including the sale and revenue collection of completed films,” said Hampden.

In March, LipSync announced that it planned to raise a £3m TV drama fund through the government’s private investor Enterprise Investment Scheme to up to 12 high-end TV productions a year.

Boswell said: “With the advent of the UK tax credit for television and the recent positive changes to the EIS rules, it is an exciting time for the industry…I’m looking forward to working closely with Peter and Norman (Norman Merry, financial director) in creating new funds and providing the most attractive post solutions for producers across the world.”