Costume designer Annie Hardinge and make-up artist Lisa Cavalli-Green won their third consecutive RTS Craft and Design Awards last night.
Costume designer Annie Hardinge and make-up artist Lisa Cavalli-Green won their third consecutive RTS Craft and Design Awards last night.

The dynamic craft duo were rewarded for their 'fantastic' and 'iconic' work which was described as 'truly stunning'. They won in the best make up design and best costume design categories that dealt with entertainment and non-drama productions.

Hardinge and Cavalli-Green were also been nominated for Bafta craft awards this year while the show, now in its third series, has won countless awards during its run.

The other awards were handed out in a very even fashion with people that worked on Casanova, Sex Traffic and Flashmob: The Opera each picking up two awards.

The crew and production team that worked on Sex Traffic dominated the shortlist with five nominations but in the end the trophies were sprinkled liberally throughout with no single show or series claiming top billing. Indie-produced shows were conspicuous amongst the winners though with people that worked with World Productions, October, John Downer, Red and Pioneer Productions all picking up awards.

Sunset + Vine was rewarded for its Channel 4 cricket coverage with the judges award and colourist Chris Beeton picked up the lifetime achievement award.

RTS Craft and Design Awards 2004/2005 were presented on Tuesday 22 November 2005 at the Savoy Hotel, Strand, London WC2.

See below for a full list of winners.

Tape and Film Editing (Drama)

Mark Day Sex Traffic

A Granada Production (co produced with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) for Channel 4

"The winner uses a wonderful mix of innovative styles, including fragmentation and jump cutting, to miraculously both expand and compress our perception of time. Working with numerous performances in many different languages he helps to create a narrative sweep of enormous ambition."

Tape and Film Editing (Entertainment and Situation Comedy)

Editing Team on The Apprentice (Series 1)

Mark Burnett Productions/Talkback for BBC Two

"With editing that created tremendous vibrancy and humour, this reality show continues to set standards in craft and beyond."

Tape and Film Editing (Documentary and Factual)

Brand Thumim Cocaine

October Films for Channel 4

"The editing contributed hugely to the hypnotic atmosphere of the programme. The winner built up tension with thought and care."

Make Up Design (Entertainment and Non Drama Productions)

Lisa Cavalli-Green LittleBritain

BBC Comedy Entertainment for BBC Three

"Although it doesn't seem possible, the winner has raised the bar. Fantastic creations throughout, which are as much a part of the comedy as the actors and scripts. Truly stunning work."

Make Up Design (Drama)

Vanessa White and Neill Gorton Help

BBC Comedy for BBC Two

"The jury said that the winning entry was absolutely stunning, setting a new benchmark for make up in drama. Not only did the make up transform the lead character from week to week, it still allowed the emotion of each character to shine through."

Production Design (Drama)

Candida Otton Sex Traffic

A Granada Production (co produced with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) for Channel 4

"A superb example of production design creating a complex backdrop for its characters which is constantly believable. The world it creates feels authentically moody, haunting and ominous and enhances the utterly compelling nature of the story."

Production Design (Entertainment and Non Drama Productions)

Design Team on Hell's Kitchen (Series 2)

Granada London for ITV1 and ITV2

"The judges felt the designers had created an extraordinary and innovative piece of design: a set that felt like a real place. The different areas each had a distinctive character and function yet worked together as a seamless whole."

Music Awards (Original Score)

Jonathan Whitehead Green Wing (Series 1)

Talkback Productions for Channel 4

"A highly original use of music perfectly in sync with this ground-breaking comedy. The eclectic choice of musical styles brilliantly enhanced the programme."

Music Awards (Original Title Music)

Jamie Forsyth and Brian Beacock Playing It Straight

Lion TV Productions for Channel 4

"Original and witty, the jury found the winning entry a stand out opening title. Music and lyrics set a tongue-in-cheek tone which perfectly whetted the appetite for the programme."

Lighting, Photography and Camera (Lighting for Multi-camera)

Bernie Davis Songs of Praise- Ely

BBC Religion and Ethics for BBC One

" truly impressive. Skillful and intimate whilst retaining a sense of event. The lighting complemented the mediaeval surroundings whilst achieving a contemporary feel. [enhancing] the location whilst adding value to this spectacular backdrop."

Lighting, Photography and Camera (Multi-camera Work)

BBC Outside Broadcasts Camera Team Flashmob: The Opera

BBC Classical Music TV for BBC Three

"The jury said that the winning entry used cameras in an extraordinary way. In difficult circumstances and during the rush hour of one of London's busiest railway stations, viewers were given a front row performance of a large scale opera."

Lighting, Photography and Camera Photography (Drama)

Anthony Radcliffe Casanova

BBC Wales/Red Production Company/Power in association with Granada for BBC Three/BBC One

"Full of brio and panache, this was a bravura performance. A palette that included all the colours under the rainbow matched with breathless camera movement gave the drama its wild exuberance - and in a field of more naturalistic work, the energy, extraordinary use of colour and supra-realistic quality of the photography shone out."

Lighting, Photography and Camera Photography (Documentary/Factual & Non Drama)

Neil Rettig and Andrew Graham Brown Natural World:Mississippi- Tales of theLastRiverRat

An @GB Films production for BBC Natural History Unit/Discovery Channel for BBC Two

"Stunningly beautiful and poetic photography . Sensuous and languid, the remarkable footage captured all the moods of the river at all times of day and year. Often complex filming techniques never got in the way of the subject or mood of the piece. This was a near-perfect piece of natural history filming."

Costume Design (Drama)

Michele Clapton Casanova

BBC Wales/Red Production Company/Power in association with Granada for BBC Three/BBC One

"The winning entry was unlike any other period drama, with bold and exciting rule-breaking costumes that reinforced the wit of the writing and enhanced the visual feast."

Costume Design (Entertainment and Non Drama Productions)

Anie Hardinge LittleBritain

BBC Comedy Entertainment for BBC Three

"Fantastic, iconic and unforgettable . The costumes just keep getting better and better, keeping the look of the show fresh, extraordinary and hilarious."

Sound (Drama)

Nigel Edwards, Nick Cox, Phil Barnes and Zane Hayward Murder Prevention

World Productions for five

" a highly exciting, unconventional approach to sound within a drama programme, dispensing with incidental music and creating instead a distinctive, almost unique soundscape. This was so effective, the jury felt the sound design in the winning programme didn't just contribute to the dramatic tension. It gave entirely new life to a tried and tested cop show formula."

Sound (Entertainment and Non Drama Productions)

BBC Outside Broadcasts Sound Team - Flashmob: The Opera

BBC Classical Music TV for BBC Three

"The winning entry was a delight. Using a full orchestra and three choirs and Paddington station as its stage, it was an amazing technical achievement that delivered one of the most exciting and audacious operatic experiences yet seen on the box."

Viual Effects (Picture Enhancement)

Stephen Moore, Ray King and Dana O'Reilly Victory inEuropein Colour

TWI/Ascent Media for ITV1

"The jury felt that this piece of work significantly enhanced the picture for the viewer. On a tight budget and schedule this small but dedicated team gave the documentary a consistent look and feel. A wonderful achievement considering that most of the source material was badly in need of repair."

Visual Effects (Special Effects)

Pioneer Productions, Toby MacDonald, David Barlow and Artem Life Before Birth Pioneer Film and Television Productions for Channel 4

"The jury felt that the special effects demanded absolute realism for this film to work. The attention to detail was impeccable and thoroughly convincing for a subject matter that demanded sensitivity and compassion."

Visual Effects (Digital Effects)

Dennis Michelson, Jeremy Hall and Howard Jones Pride

John Downer Productions for BBC Drama Serials/A&E/ProSieben for BBC One

"The jury felt that this piece of work was a huge undertaking, not only in the complexity of the compositing, but also in the approach to the animation which was technically outstanding. The team rose to the challenge of bringing natural history footage to life allowing the viewer to be immersed into the lion's world."

Graphic Design (Trails and Packaging)

Dunning Eley Jones UKTV Style Gardens

Dunning Eley Jones for UKTV

" an entertaining epic title piece that was bold but retained a sense of humour in a highly watchable and enjoyable promotion."

Graphic Design (Programme Content Sequences)

Juliet Percival and Nick Curwin Anatomy for Beginners

Firefly Film and Television Production for Channel 4

"The judges felt that the graphics were innovative and brave, ticked all the boxes and made the programme into a really watchable event."

Graphic Design (Titles)

Adam Wells Lions Tour ofNew Zealand

BSkyB Creative Services for Sky Sports

"For a very challenging brief, the judges felt that the winner was an unexpected surprise, a simple and fresh idea that was enchanting and beautifully executed."