NAB 2012: Video-over-mobile firm LiveU will unveil its LU70 uplink system at NAB.

The LU70 includes automatic adjustment of video resolutions and point to multi-point distribution, so that a single device can broadcast live to multiple destinations.

LiveU said that a new external antenna array provides additional resiliency for heavily crowded locations.

The LU70 supports up to 14 cellular links simultaneously and the unit can automatically swap between internal and external antennas as needed, according to the network conditions.

LiveU chief executive Samuel Wasserman said: “LiveU backpacks have become part of mainstream newsgathering equipment, with broadcasters worldwide depending on cellular-based technology for breaking news and major events coverage.

“This is largely due to LiveU’s proprietary antenna array, which has received widespread industry recognition for its proven resiliency in heavily built-up areas and on-the-move operation, together with its sub-second latency.

“With One-Touch-Live and the other enhancements, the LU70 comes extremely close to offering satellite performance, with far greater flexibility.”

Stand: SU9119