The International Olympic Committee has today confirmed that the London 2012 Olympics will be shot in 3D.

Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) will oversee the production of more than 200 hours of 3D coverage, including the opening and closing ceremonies, athletics, gymnastics, diving and swimming.

It will be delivered to participating rights-holding broadcasters around the world.

At the end of last week the BBC announced that it would consider broadcasting the 100m final in 3D, with more detailed 3D plans to be announced by the end of the year. The broadcaster also said it would screen events from the games in Super Hi-Vision on 50-foot screens around the country.

Panasonic, the games’ audio and visual equipment sponsor, will supply 3D production technology including the AG-3DP1 twin lens, shoulder mount camera.

Managing Executive Officer of Panasonic Takumi Kajisha said: The Olympic Games has always been a pioneer in the development of TV broadcasting technologies… we are proud to announce the partnership with the IOC and OBS to create another successful era in Olympic broadcasting with the first live 3D Olympic Games at London 2012.”