Audio post on the 4 x 60-minute returning drama

Post Goldcrest

Client Left Bank Pictures

Brief Audio post on the 4 x 60-minute returning drama in which the four lead characters find themselves in a secret African detention centre.

How it was done Sound designer Adrian Rhodes said the blend of the real and the ethereal allowed for considerable creativity in the sound design far beyond recording ambient crickets in the bush.

His brief was to enhance, steer, confuse and highlight an “intriguing” piece of story-telling.

Rhodes’ sound design added to the unsettled atmosphere, with strange, unusual tones and dynamic contrasts weaved in with Ben Bartlett’s music.

The series was tracklayed on Pro Tools HD and mixed on a 24-fader Ikon desk in Goldcrest’s Studio 3.

Ben Norrington looked after dialogue, Antony Bayman was FX editor and Julien Pirrie was responsible for Foley.

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