Provide animation and GFX for the 30-part series

Animation and GFX Anachronistic Productions

Client Remark Media

Brief Provide animation and GFX for the 30-part series, in which poetry is translated into British Sign Language.

How it was done The programme was shot in a green-screen studio, with the poetry brought to life using sign language and animation.

Objects and characters spring from the presenter’s hands and create the scene and story of the poem.

The animation style had to be unique for each of the episodes, so some episodes were animated using hand-sketched drawings, while others were brought to life with 3D animation, 2D cartoons or animated photographs.

The entire production had to be completed in four months. Christian Darkin and other artists used After Effects plus plug-in Trapcode to provide different types of magic effects.

Watch it From Monday, 9.15am, CBeebies