Devise and execute the titles for Matchday Live

Titles Noah Media Group

Client Premier League Productions

Brief Devise and execute the titles for Matchday Live, showcasing the so-called ‘Greatest League in the World’ for non-UK viewers. How it was done The goal of the live-action sequence was to present footballers and fans ‘like never before’.

Noah’s concept was to show the players intimately to illustrate what it takes to succeed at this level, using themes such as exhaustion, elation and intensity.

Film crews also captured fans at Premier League grounds, and travelling to and from matches. Shot on Canon 5D and Sony F5 cameras, it was edited and finished in-house using After Effects, Pro Tools and DaVinci Resolve.

The editor and colourist was Ian Grech, with Paul Lane completing sound design and Kim Teddy handling graphics.

The creative director was John McKenna.

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