BVE: 3D seemed less prominent at BVE 2012, with fewer stereoscopic screens on display and manufacturers placing less emphasis on 3D cameras.

Framestore founder William Sargent said the sector was maturing.

“I think we’ve finished the hype stage, which is healthy,” Sargent said during his keynote speech in the 3D Revolution theatre. “3D is now a usual tool for film-makers.”

At the moment, the cost of combining CG and live action for hybrid stereoscopic productions is around 30%, Sargent said, but he expects the infrastructure on set to be broadly similar to 2D productions within two to three years.

By that time, “none of us will buy TVs that aren’t HD, 3D and internet enabled,” he said.

Sargent said that over the next few years, 70-80% of Framestore’s revenue would likely come from stereo scopic work - up from 50% now.