Create titles for the five-part thriller about a missing girl

Titles Peter Anderson Studio

Client Kudos Film & Television

Brief Create titles for the five-part thriller, which follows the story of a close-knit community tracing a young girl who goes missing on her way to a Mayday parade.

How it was done The studio produced a straight-cut sequence that was then heavily graded to create a deliberately different look to that of the series.

The titles are laced with an underlying sense of foreboding, with designers Alexander Knowles, Dominique Sherwood and Linus Kraemer playing with light and grade to create an otherworldly feel, communicating the pagan themes that run through the series.

The textures applied to the typeface used in the titles highlight the tension. Peter Anderson was creative director.

The software used to create the titles included Magic Bullet, Look, After Effects and Trackcode Shine.

Watch it Sundays, 9pm, BBC1

BBC1's Mayday