A single-body 3D camera to complement a stereoscopic rig set-up.

What is it used for? Television productions, including sports and documentary programmes.

How does it work? The camera has two 1080p CMOS sensors and records from 24fps to 120fps. Convergence is accurate to 1/1,000 of a degree, while the inter-axial distance can be adjusted to 1 micron.

Meduza can provide motors for Iris and focus control. The camera has three HDMI and two HDSDI/dual-link HDSDI outputs. The camera body is made out of titanium, with the entire device weighing 7.5lb (3.5Kg).

How much is it and when is it available? $55,000 (£34,000). The camera will ship in December.

How do I find out more? www.meduzasystems.com