Best Before Media has developed a web-enabled, software-based channel production toolset that can just as easily power a traditional channel on Sky as it can broadcast to a public screen or live web stream.

Millicent is described at ‘desktop publishing for television channels.'

It is targeted at broadcasters, corporates or producers that want to launch a niche web, mobile or traditional TV channel but don't have the money, skillsets or resources to launch with more traditional toolsets.

Millicent takes data from the web, video and mobile phones and converts it in realtime to rich motion graphics.

Using a standard Apple Mac, users provide XML or RSS feeds that can then be manipulated, designed and pumped out in any resolution as video, SDI, Quicktime, Flash or MPEG2.

“Because it's internet-enabled, you can have your playout in New York or at Sky and you can be at home, scheduling stuff,” said Mark Rock, chief executive of Best Before Media.

“At the same time your designer can be in Italy. It's a really low cost route-to-market and has virtually no centralized costs. It's also a good way to start a show on the web and then transfer it to TV.”

A design toolset allows the look and feel to be changed easily. A web-based scheduler allows a channel to be drawn-up and managed. And a video player sends the channel feed down an IP line to a playout provider.

All internet comms are hosted by the developers, Best Before Media.

Already trialled by BBC1 and Channel 4, the latest version will be used by interactive games channel, PlayJam, to roll out a cost-effective video service on its Sky TV channel.

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