Post production of the 1 x 60-minute documentary

Post The Farm

Client Rare Day

Brief Full post production on 1 x 60-minute documentary that ventures into the heart of British family life to ask young people about their experience of their parents’ breakup.

How it was done Sonny Sheridan graded the emotional documentary in the Nucoda Film Master.

He was tasked with creating a warm and intimate guise to the interviews conducted throughout.

The programme, already highly emotional, needed the grade to compliment it whilst not overpowering the content within.

Sheridan used vignettes and shapes throughout the interview shots to highlight the subject, which gave shape and body to director Olly Lambert’s latest film.

Sheridan also added several layers to give depth to the documentary.

Shot on an array of cameras, including a Sony F800, Canon C300, Sony F55 (at 60fps) and PMW-200, one of the technical challenges for Sheridan was to match the several cameras that were used, creating a consistent hue through the sixty minute piece.

Jamie Selway completed the dub with Avid Pro Tools 10. Tam Osman completed the online with Avid Symphony.

Watch it Thursday 5, 9pm, BBC2